The VisionTrack DRS

The VisionTrack DRS incorporates two automatic web guiding systems; one for steering the web into the vision system, and the other steers the web into the draw system and slitting system.

When the defect is spotted by the vision system, which is located just after a 1.5m visual inspection zone, the machine is automatically stopped. Then the defect is retrieved back to a location which is just before the vision system. At this point the defect can be visually examined and corrected. Then the machine can be again started in the forward direction and the just repaired section of the web is re-inspected.

The VisionTrack DRS can also incorporate a unique "Descending Rewind System". This provides the capability to quickly change rewind roll sets and to build very straight-sided rolls. It also provides the capability to build these straight-sided finished rolls with extremely low and well-profiled (usually hyperbolically) finished roll tension and roll hardness.

Depending upon requirements/applications there are a number of other designs available within this platform category.

delivers 100% quality flawless finishing includes die-cutting, slitting and ink-jet printing 100% print inspection

          Standard Features:

   Available Options:



  • Automatic Open Loop Unwind Tension Control System

  • Servo Motor Driven Unwind System

  • 32in./813mm Diameter Unwind Capacity

  • 3in./76mm Unwind Shaft

  • Horizontal inspection table incorporating an automatic ultrasonic web edge guiding system

  • Secondary automatic ultrasonic web edge guiding system

  • Infinitely positional unwind splicing/fault splicing system

  • Fault Tracking and Retrieval System

  • Servo Driven Web Draw System

  • Retractable Shear-cut Slitting System with removable upper slitting cartridge

  • Automatic Open Loop Rewind Tension Control System

  • Servo Motor Driven Rewind System

  • 18in./457mm Diameter Rewind Capacity

  • Inside/Outside Rewind Rotation

  • Job Save/Recall capability including unwind and rewind tension settings

  • Printrack Master Controller with Touch Screen input & monitoring


  • Vision System Adaptation

  • Bar Code Printing & Verification adaptation (e.g. for E-Pedigree conformance)

  • Dual Count Verification

  • Automatic Closed Loop Unwind Tension Control System

  • Unwind Roll Lifter

  • Matrix/Missing Label Detector

  • Flag/Splice Detector

  • Clear-on-Clear Sensors

  • Variable Speed Waste Rewind System

  • 24in. Diameter Rewind

  • Stroboscope

  • Retractable Rotary Razor Slitting with removable upper slitting cartridge

  • Score Pressure Cutting System

  • Web Advance Unit

  • Ironing Roll Assembly

  • Static Eliminator

  • Automatic Closed Loop Rewind Tension Control System

  • Various Sized Rewind Shafts

  • Colour Touch Screen

  • Digital or Manual Scale Slitter Set-up Fixture

  • Spare Parts Package

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