Why a control retrofit ?

The best way to make a major impact on your existing machine’s performance is to upgrade its old electronic control systems.

Many older machines are still mechanically very functional.

For example, the Arpeco Tracker line has existed since 1968, and virtually all of those early machines are still in service.

But older machines are often electronically outdated:

Many of the original electrical and electronic components and subassemblies simply aren’t available anymore.

There have also been major advances in control technology since those earlier systems were built.

What machines benefit from Printrack?

Older inspection and slitting-rewinding machines made by Arpeco, Rotoflex, Omega and a wide variety of other machine builders.

Why Scantech?

Over 35 years of control experience have gone into Printrack. Go with proven technology, and a superior control concept.

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Go with a superior control concept.

New control systems can modernize your old

machine like nothing else.

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