Can your older machines live up to your current demands?

Label printers and pharmaceutical manufacturers need a cost-effective way to meet new technical demands.

Printers are being asked to process more exotic materials, and more sophisticated applications, but all at tighter pricing.

Purchasing a new machine isn’t always a profitable option: printers need existing machines to be able to compete for cutting-edge work.

But they also need a way to significantly improve day-to- day accuracy, speed and uptime.

The demands printers make on their machines today can be far more stringent than when those machines were originally purchased.

For example, because final packaging and label application machines now operate at much higher speeds, the rolls coming off rewinders must be much more exact. Faults such as inaccurate count totals, adhesive bleed on rewind, missing labels or included matrix aren’t acceptable.

Printers also require much more precise control over rewinding tension.

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Old Rewinder,
New Life.

Our control retrofit system can make a remarkable improvement in the performance of your old machine.

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