The Printrack LR

An excellent platform used to inspect, slit and rewind thin films (down to about 12 um thick). The same platform can also be used to process pressure sensitive labels in very large rolls - from 1 m unwind capacity and up to 800 mm rewind capacity).

The equipment can run at speeds of up to 1400 ft./min and, using our "Riding/Ironing" technology, can combine rider pressure with center-wind torque to smoothly build hard rolls with very straight sides and well-controlled hyperbolic (for example) tension profiles.

The machine also incorporates an extended and automatically retractable inspection zone (approximately 2m long and at a proper height for good visual inspection by the operator). When a defect is seen, the operator stops the machine to forward place that defect to the splicing table which is just below the extended inspection table.

As the machine is slowing down, the inspection table automatically retracts to expose the defect splicing table which is just below the inspection zone. This allows the operator to inspect and to remove defects without having to move along the face of the machine from one zone to the other.

The Printrack LR also incorporates, as standard equipment, a unique Descending Rewind system. This provides the capability to quickly change rewind roll sets and to build very straight-sided rolls. It also provides the capability to build these straight-sided finished rolls with extremely low and well-profiled (usually hyperbolically) finished roll tension and roll hardness. 


up to 1400 ft./min outstanding winding performance descending rewind shaft for better roll winding unique retractable inspection table

      Standard Features:

         Available Options:



  • 24in./609mm Rewind - Motor Driven

  • 3in./76mm Rewind Shaft

  • 40in./1016mm Unwind

  • 3in./76mm Unwind Shaft

  • Pneumatic Brake

  • Pre-Set Electronic Label or Length Counter

  • Fixed Shear Slitting c/w 3 Knives

  • 10in./254mm Draw Roll

  • Inside/Outside Rewind

  • Electronic Edge Guiding

  • Fixed Horizontal Inspection Table

  • Unwind and Fault Splicing Stations

  • Unwind Roll Lifter

  • Spare Parts Package




  • Dual Rewind

  • Descending Rewind

  • Various Sizes of Rewind Shafts

  • Automatic Closed or Open Loop Rewind/Unwind Tension System

  • Ironing Roll Assembly

  • Web Advance Unit

  • Strobe light

  • Retractable rotary shear cut system

  • Additional Upper Slitter Shaft Cartridges

  • Razor Slitting

  • Score Pressure Cutting System

  • Manual Scale or Digital Slitter Set-up Fixture

  • Large Diameter Rewind and Unwind Capacity

  • Waste Rewind System


  • Motor Driven Unwind

  • Retractable Inspection Table

  • 15in./381mm Circumference Web Draw Cylinder

  • Die Cutting - Single or Dual Station

  • Matrix Stripping

  • Print Insetting

  • Printrack Master Controller c/w Touch Screen and 250 job memory

  • Color Touch Screen

  • Matrix/Missing Label Detector

  • Flag/Splice Detector

  • Clear-on-Clear Sensors

  • Label and Butt Cut Count

  • Dual Count

  • Static Eliminator

  • Lateral Web Redirection Assembly

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