The Printrack FV

The capabilities of machines included within this platform match those of the Printrack FH formats. Essentially the main difference is that the Printrack FV incorporates a vertical inspection and web-flow format while the Printrack FH incorporates a horizontal inspection and web-flow format.

As with all of our equipment, every axis incorporates servo drive and servomotor unwinding and rewinding technology along with servo drives and servomotors within the web transport system. This machine is completely front supported.

The web guiding system is located in close proximity to the slitting systems. This provides repeatable cross-web positioning resulting in highly accurate label to individual slit-edge tolerances.

Each of our machines is equipped with retractable slitting modules for ease of set up; either on-line or off-line. Digital setup fixtures are available depending upon slit-width accuracy requirements.

Machines within this platform category can also be equipped with our "Riding/Ironing" roll-pressure-creating technology which is used when processing thin films; again, this application can be met using a Descending Rewind system. When the Printrack FV is configured to include the unique "Descending Rewind System", it provides the capability to quickly change rewind roll sets and to build very straight-sided rolls. It also provides the capability to build these straight-sided finished rolls with extremely low and well-profiled (usually hyperbolically) finished roll tension and roll hardness.

All of the machines in this platform category incorporate 1.5 m to 2.0 m inspection zone lengths and the inspection zones are located in the same general viewing area as the slitting and rewinding zones.


affordable  accurate best ergonomic design in vertical finishing highly productive superior finished roll tension and hardness profiles 


Standard Features:


Available Options:



  • 18in./457mm Rewind-Motor Driven

  • 3in./76mm Rewind Shaft

  • 28in./711mm Unwind

  • 3in./76mm Unwind Shaft

  • Pneumatic Brake

  • Pre-Set Electronic Label or Length Counter

  • Fixed Shear Slitting c/w 3 Knives

  • 10in./254mm Draw Roll

  • Inside/Outside Rewind

  • Electronic Edge Guiding

  • Horizontal Inspection

  • Unwind and Fault Splicing Stations

  • Spare Parts Package










  • Dual Rewind

  • Various Sized Rewind Shafts

  • Automatic Closed or Open Loop Rewind/Unwind Tension System

  • Ironing Roll Assembly

  • Web Advance Unit

  • Strobe Light

  • Shear Slitting

  • Razor Slitting

  • Manual Scale or Digital Slitter Set-up Fixture

  • Score Pressure Cutting System

  • Large Diameter Rewind and Unwind Capacity

  • Waste Rewind System

  • Motor Driven Unwind

  • Roll Lifter

  • 15in./381mm Circumference Web Draw Cylinder

  • Die Cutting-Single or Double Station


  • Matrix Stripping

  • Matrix Break Detector

  • Die Adapting Equipment

  • Back Rotary Score Station

  • Print Insetting

  • Vertical Inspection

  • Printrack Master Controller c/w Touch Screen

  • Color Touch Screen

  • Matrix/Missing Label Detector

  • Flag/Splice Detector

  • Clear-on-Clear Sensors

  • Label and Butt Cut Count

  • Dual Count

  • Static Eliminator



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