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Printed products for the Pharmaceutical and Security industries may not be compromised by any print defect. Enter the PharmaTrack. This machine is fully reversing and incorporates high-speed reversals without causing damage to the material being processed - while maintaining identical web tension profiles in each direction.

The PharmaTrack integrates with any inspection system and assures achievement of the customer's quality standards.




affordable  accurate highly productive superior finished roll tension and hardness profiles automatically descending rewinding system

Standard Features:

Available Options:



  • Bi-directional web flow (at full speed)

  • Infinitely positional unwind splicing/fault splicing system

  • Horizontal Inspection zone with integrated automatic Ultrasonic Edge Guiding in both directions

  • Servo Driven Unwind/Rewind System

  • 18 in./457mm Rewind/Unwind Capacity

  • 3 in./76mm Rewind/Unwind Shafts

  • Inside/Outside Rewind/Unwind Rotation

  • Automatic Open Loop Rewind / Unwind Tension Control System

  • Servo Driven Web Draw System

  • Printrack Master Controller with Touch Screen

  • Job Save/Recall capability including unwind and rewind tension settings


  • Vision System Adaptation

  • Bar Code Printing & Verification adaptation (e.g. for E-Pedigree conformance)

  • Dual Count Verification

  • Automatic Closed Loop Rewind and/or Unwind Tension Control System on either or both shafts

  • Fault Tracking and Retrieval System

  • Unwind Roll Lifter(s)

  • Matrix/Missing Label Detector

  • Flag/Splice Detector

  • Clear-on-Clear Sensors

  • Stroboscope

  • Variable Speed Waste Rewind System

  • Retractable Shearcut Slitting System with removable upper slitting cartridge c/w 3 sets of knives

  • Retractable Rotary Razor Slitting with removable upper slitting cartridge c/w 3 sets of knives

  • Score Pressure Cutting System

  • Larger Diameter Rewind and Unwind Capacity

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